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Private Lessons

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What is Horsemanship?

Horsemanship has been defined and redefined time and time again. Every trainer/coach/teacher having their own idea of what good horsemanship looks like. 

I believe horsemanship is not only ones ability to clearly communicate with their horse, but also their ability to listen and understand what their horse is trying to communicate back. It's one's ability to empathize and relate to their horse. To see the world through their eyes if only to understand where they are coming from a little better. Horsemanship is finding that balance between give and take. Discovering how to interact with our horses in a way that is peaceful for both parties. and learning how to ride in harmony with our horse's movements. 

With In-person lessons you have the chance to work one-on-one from the comfort of your own pasture. Whether you want to focus on the big picture concepts, like; relationship and trust. Or on particular problem areas, like; trailer loading, balanced riding, barn sour, behavior issues etc. You can get hands-on help at your own pace. 

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