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Common Questions

What People Are Asking

How often should I get my horse massaged?

Every horse is different. They can have different conformation or old injuries which can cause them to need more frequent bodywork. They have different jobs which can wear on them in particular ways. They are different ages which can effect how well they handle physical stress. 

Some horses may need frequent bodywork to stay fit and healthy, while others may only need touch-ups to set them off on the right hoof for the riding season. 

The better we learn to listen to them the more accurate they will be able to tell you when they need a little TLC.

Should I have my horse massaged before the farrier works on them?


Masterson Method massage helps to increase your horse's range of motion and relax tension in their muscles, making it that much easier for your farrier to get under them and maneuver their legs comfortably. 

How can I get my horse to listen to me more?

This is the million dollar question that everyone asks me. The answer is that you have to first learn to listen to your horse if you want them to listen to you in return. You have to build a clear form of communication that goes both ways. Only then will you find that they were listening all along, they were only waiting for you to also listen.

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