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Saddle Fitting

We've all worn a pair of shoes that didn't quite fit right. Or felt how pain/discomfort somewhere in our body makes us move with less than optimal mechanics. 

Imagine being asked to perform or carry weight while your equipment dug into you.

"Poor saddle fit," are words all horse people dread hearing, but it's important to know how well your saddle fits both you and your horse. 

How to know if you need a saddle fit assessment:

  • Your horse won't sit still while being saddled

  • Loss of muscle

  • Sensitivity in their back when brushed or touched

  • Saddle doesn't stay centered when riding

  • Dry spots 

  • Your horse twitches under saddle

  • Biting at sides while riding

  • Bucking 

  • Sores 

  • Wearing

  • Flightiness or anxiety under saddle

  • Sluggish movements under saddle

  • Stiff turns under saddle, or not stepping under

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